"Fine Art Original Wood Sculpture "

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Welcome to my virtual gallery and studio. You will soon find a portfolio of my original wood sculpture, information about me and my carving methods, an artist CV and statement, upcoming shows, and how to contact me.

I attempt to create artistic works which are evocative in nature. Thematically, my work often reflects relationships-between people and or natural forms in three dimensional space. Some works are purely whimsical. I use sculpture as a vehicle to express my asethetic sensibilities. The choice of wood as my preferred medium relates to its living and organic nature, the diverse challenges of its many textures and grains and its inherent warmth and sensuality which readily invite touch. I seek to simplify my work in a way which accomplishes the most with the least amount of complexity. I value simplicity in form, efficiency in the use of lines and attempt to portray my subject matter through its fundamental qualities or nature.

Richard Weiner.